About Us

Here at FRANK LARDI our mission is to provide our customers with the most fashionable products in this generation. We love fashion and want to offer everyone products that we personally wear regularly. 

FRANK LARDI absolutely loves children and wanted to come up with a way that he can help children suffering and in need. This is why at FRANK LARDI Designs, we have decided that for as long as this company is operating we will be donating 10% of ALL SALES to The United Nations Children's Children's Fund (UNICEF). But it doesn't just end here, as our business grows and expenses are covered, we will be increasing this 10% gradually. Our goal is to create a company that will forever positively impact the lives of children in need. 

Products are always being added and removed based on whats in fashion and in demand. We spend 24 hours 7 days a week exploring and learning about fashion, which is why we can guarantee whatever you buy from our website will make all our friends ask where you got it from. And dont be sneaky, share with them because the more we grow the more products we'll be able to offer you at consistently affordable prices. 

All our products are tested by us personally and we definitely wouldn't sell a product that is cheap and ugly when it arrives. We're trying to make you look good, not cheap!